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On November 18, Astana hosted the first ART Breakfast on the topic of creative solutions in real estate. The organizer was the International Federation of Real Estate Market Professionals FIABCI Central Asia. The purpose of the event was to gather the best builders, developers, managers and talk about trends in the global industry on the topic of art content.

The need for the development of the creative economy is often emphasized in his speeches by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: “We will pay special attention to the further development of the digital economy and the formation of the creative industry. We will ensure an increase in the number of people employed in small and medium-sized businesses to 4.5 million people. We will introduce an unemployment insurance system, and we will increase the amount of social benefits for job loss to 45% of income.”

​Urbanism plays an important role in the development of the creative economy. Skyscrapers, beautiful buildings and unusual structures often become the hallmarks of the city. But it is not enough to build a residential building or a business center, it is important to fill it with something that will become a kind of magnet that attracts viewers from all over the city. In conditions of high competition, the relevance of this issue is only growing. Our speakers, using the example of real cases, talked about how to make sure that business not only earns, but also brings beautiful and eternal things into people’s lives.

​For example, the founder of the art space and art hub ÖzgeEpic Makpal Zhumabay told about the current project, which today works in four directions – cinema, music, art and creative education. In her speech, she noted that cooperation will be beneficial both to the developer, who will be able to offer a unique product to the buyer, and to the residents of the residential complex. Isolated each in their own apartments, they will have the opportunity, without leaving far from their home, to join the art.

​Another interesting solution will be an online cinema for children, which was told by the head of the Ozinshe platform Sangerim Zhakhina. During the three months of operation of the streaming service, 35,000 people subscribed to it and got access to 5,000 minutes of video content.

​The business breakfast was attended by such companies as BI Group, Orda Invest, PMG, Astana Development Group. We believe that this is the beginning of a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation that will benefit the residents of the city and will be an excellent example for other business areas.

​​​​​For any questions, please contact: +77770417827
Aknur Alimbekova, FIABCI Central Asia Press Secretary

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