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FIABCI Central Asia International Conference was held in Bishkek

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On March 2 and 3, we held the first FIABCI Central Asia International Conference in Kyrgyzstan 🥳

Led by experts, they discussed the trends of the construction and development market, analyzed cases on commercial real estate and talked about investments😌

The main conclusions and results of our meeting👇🏻

📊 The co-founder of DM Associates Central Asia, Mirgul Omurzakova, shared that about 1 million square meters of housing are commissioned in Bishkek annually, of which 50% belong to economy class. Prices on the primary market are growing by 15% per year, but due to the lack of mortgages, there are flexible conditions in the form of installments and barters.

According to the founder of Retail Space Global, Yerzhan Urazbayev, the GLA index for the construction of shopping and entertainment centers in Bishkek is 212 sq. m. per 1000 residents. Such a market allows you to place more than 300,000 sq. m. In Tashkent, the index is 151 sq. m. per 1000 inhabitants, which allows you to mark up more than 600,000 m2 of GLA.

The head of the Techcoworking project, Aidai Ismailova, said that on March 6, construction of a hybrid coworking was launched in Bishkek. In the first phase, it is planned to build an area of 2,200 sq. m. with 300 seats, of which 130 seats will be in the open space format. The project provides for 35 round-the-clock offices with kitchens and recreation areas.

As a result of the meeting, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between FIABCI and the JIA Business Association.

The participants of the conference shared that this format of the event allows you to analyze topics more precisely and make new business acquaintances✨

The conference showed the great potential of the Bishkek real estate market, as well as highlighted the key points and problems of the current market situation👋🏻

To the co-organizer general partner @retailspace_global and partners @emark_group, @nefqazaqstan, IBC, Ribas Hotel group were awarded letters of thanks🔖

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