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The space of Contemporary Art ÓzgeEpic

ÓzgeEpic is a space aimed at developing modern competitive Kazakh art at the international level, raising the level of cultural consciousness of society, identifying and supporting talented youth.

The space of contemporary art ÖzgeEpic was created in 2019 in Almaty. The main activities of the space are: cinema, animation, creative education, music, theater, media, exhibition and IT.

Since its creation, the ÓzgeEpic team has implemented a number of projects. Among them are the first Kazakhstan streaming service, 3 international animation festivals, more than 20 LIVE concerts, 30 performances, 15 literary evenings and others. 

Dear colleagues, on December 25 at 15.00 in the city of Turkestan in “Khanshaiym Plaza” a branch of the ÓzgeEpic creative hub was opened. This important step is being carried out with the support of the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI Central Asia. Becoming a partner of a giant organization in the global market, which includes professionals from more than 70 countries, is a great achievement. The Federation, which united the Central Asian states and opened up new opportunities for construction and the real estate market, also played an important role in the opening of cultural and spiritual development facilities.

Алия Серикпаева на открытии арт-пространства ÓzgeEpic

Now the events of our space will be held not only in Almaty, but also in Turkestan. Photojournalist Aigerim Begimbet, journalist Zhanerke Khumar, photographer-designer Chingiz Abdrazak “Turkestan women” and photo exhibition “Ortir” will be presented at the opening of the art space. A memorandum of mutual cooperation with the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi will also be signed.

Starting today, various projects in the field of music, theater, design, animation, photography, exhibitions, fairs, aitys, stand-up and drama will be implemented in the walls of the ÓzgeEpic creative hub. In addition, a children’s theater will be created, design and photography courses will be organized. The creative hub serves to form local artistic communities with the involvement of the best representatives of the culture of Kazakhstan. There will be a free space for Turkestan youth in the development of modern Kazakh culture. The opening contributes to the increase of the tourist potential of Turkestan, as it activates the status of the city as an international Turkic center through the presentation of cultural projects.

Witness innovations in art. Visit the cultural center of the art space ÓzgeEpic. This is the place where the creators of ÓzgeEpic gather.

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