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Central Asia Property Awards 2022

Kazakhstan Networking Partners and FIABCI-Central Asia, a regional branch of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), will host the first Central Asia Property Awards 2022 ceremony in the history of the region on October 20. The event will be held in cooperation with the traditional regional award in the field of commercial real estate — Commercial Real Estate Awards (CRE AWARDS).

Central Asia Property Awards 2022 will be the largest real estate event in the Central Asian region. The winning projects will be selected by a jury of leading industry experts from Central Asia and beyond, based on FIABCI’s internationally recognized evaluation criteria. Central Asia Property Awards 2022 will bring together representatives of leading real estate organizations and become a unique platform for company presentations, networking and knowledge sharing.

Event goals:

  • Assisting in the development of quality standards for real estate in Central Asia
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness and transparency of the real estate market
  • Encouraging excellence in construction and real estate development
  • Revealing the achievements of companies in the leading segments of the real estate market and rewarding industry leaders
  • Promoting international recognition of facility quality standards and professionalism in construction and real estate development

Award Nominations and Selection Criteria

All competition nominations are divided into two groups — FIABCI Nominations and Special Competition Nominations. The FIABCI Nominations are based on the categories and criteria of the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence and the winners of the FIABCI Nominations are automatically eligible to participate in the international stage of the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence. 

The Special Nominations of the competition are based on the traditional nominations of the Commercial Real Estate Awards and reflect regional features and achievements that are not recognized in the FIABCI Nominations.

FIABCI Nominations

  1. Sustainability. A project that reconstructs/preserves the existing environment or uses energy saving technologies.
  2. Restoration / Redevelopment. Buildings restored with the restoration of their historical appearance and purpose, as well as buildings that have been reconstructed and adapted for modern use (redevelopment).
  3. Hotel real estate. Hotel complexes, apart-hotels.
  4. Industrial real estate. Industrial buildings, industrial parks, technology parks, warehouses, factories, workshops, etc.
  5. Master plan. Projects of integrated development of territories.
  6. Office real estate. 
  7. Residential property. The best projects in each of the categories below will be awarded.
    • High-rise residential property: residential complexes, high-rise residential buildings, 17 floors and above.
    • Mid-rise residential property: residential complexes, high-rise residential buildings, from 6 to 16 floors.
    • Low-rise residential real estate: cottage settlements, townhouses, 5 floors and below.
  8. Recreational sector. Recreation and recreation facilities (theme parks, resorts, ski resorts, country recreation areas, etc.).

Selection Criteria

Within the framework of the FIABCI Nominations, projects will be evaluated based on 8 criteria:

  • General description of the project
  • Architecture and design
  • Development and construction
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Environmental impact
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Community Benefits

Special Competition Nominations

  1. Best architectural and construction project. Projects at the design and construction stage.
  2. Shopping centers. The best projects in each of the categories below will be awarded.
    • Shopping centers: large (from 100,000m2).
    • Shopping malls: Medium (from 50,000 to 100,000m2).
    • Shopping malls: small (up to 50,000m2).
  3. Best property management company. 
  4. Best cleaning company. 
  5. Property manager of the year.
  6. Consultant of the year (person/company).
  7. Broker of the year (person/company).

Selection Criteria

Special nominations will be judged against an individual set of criteria

Registration is open between August 25 and September 30 2022.

In order to nominate a project, company or person, you must fill out the registration form, send the necessary documentation and pay the registration fee.

In each category, a gold and a silver medalist will be selected, except for the cases specified in the Competition Regulations.

The winners in each nomination will be selected by the jury of the competition, all results will be announced at the awards ceremony on October 20.

Jury Members

Alexey Khegay


Semyon Yurchenko

Partner of Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan

Gulshat Sarieva

Head of the Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan

Bayan Kuatova

Managing partner of Colliers Kazakhstan

Askar Bilisbekov

Chairman of the Board of JSC “Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation “Almaty”

Ainur Burkitbayeva

Arenda.kz CEO

Lyubov Tsapenkova

Circle Office Solutions Ukraine CEO

Yuri Gladky

Creative solutions agency GRAPE CEO

Dr. Mahmoud AlBurai

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARISE UAE